Dearest the children around the world,

I was raised with full of love from my father who liked to draw pictures and my mother who liked to hand-make clothes. They read me many books and allowed me to embark on an adventurous journey. I am truly thankful for their warm love.

My dream was that someday I would raise my own child with full of love, as my parents did. However, God did not give me a baby. What should I do with my love?

A good idea came to my mind. Writing books for children. I can write books and deliver my love and messages to children in Japan, and all over the world!

I will put my affection, which would have belonged to my own child, into my books so that I can give my love, as my mother gave to me.

“Sweet dreams,” – my mother used to say before I go to bed every night. I wish I can create heartwarming world where all children in the world can have sweet dreams every night.

Good night join us tomorrow, won't you? I'm going to bed. I'll get up at 7a.m, Good night!