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President Akiko Kwamura

Our Business

Copyright management of the Brand ‘Apollo & Char’
Creations and sales of picture books, App and original goods of Apollo & Char Brand

About copyrights

Apollo & Char company (following A&C) Co., Ltd. holds and manages the copyright of the figures including the characters of Apollo & Char. The reproduction (copy) of all or a part of the data placed in our site and the transmission and distribution of the data, are prohibited, without prior written consent from A&C, other than usage accepted by Copyright Act. The downloaded wall paper can be used only for the personal use at home. For example, distribution, sale, editing, reproduction, posting on other Internet homepages, and use in other computer network are strictly prohibited. Please [contact][1] us for the inquiry about the license of the character.

Our Activities for Children

Apollo & Char Company contributes a part of the benefit from picture book and original goods to activities for conservation of environment and support for children, and donates books to the organizations which support domestic and foreign child-care facilities.